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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rest & Rejuvenation

Mpls.MississAhhh, winter break feels great. I've been getting out of the house and office as much as possible to enjoy the city and the company of my friends. In many ways, this is my favorite time of year. While summer breaks for many students take a lot of planning, moving, and other somewhat intense lifestyle changes - winter break is pretty much the opposite. After the immediate cultural holiday celebrations, new year begins and working folks get back on with their regular lives. For U of M students, however, the end of the holidays still leaves us with three weeks of relative freedom before starting back up with a fresh new academic term of new courses and new daily pattern of life.


As exciting as that sounds, I'm very much enjoying the added rest and freetime winter break has brought me. Outside of work, I now have more time to not only relax and socialize, but also get back in the loop with my personal interests. As I hadn't had much time during the school year to keep up with my favorite group of musical artists, the Pretty Lights Music record label - I've been busy enjoying their artist's most recent albums and singles, which they graciously provide us fans free of charge on their website. Listening to their new beats for the first time always puts me in an upbeat mood and will eventually become the background music of spring semester study sessions. Gramatik and Michal Menert (album artwork below) are my favorite artists in the label to listen to while studying, and their newest albums did not fail to disappoint.


With these bits of my life being the most exciting events of my winter break so far here in Minneapolis, I'm quite content with a few more weeks of similar activity.

- Jesse L.

Housing Studies, B.S.