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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Prepared and Preparing for Traveling Abroad

I must say this winter break has been wonderful. Lots of snow and cold for Minnesota, but I admit the beauty of a fresh snow fall is priceless. I love walking around the city with WARM clothes just looking at the branches bare with a snowy cover. Ah the nostalgia will be lost on me after the snow turns brown and freezes into ice, but for now let's appreciate the good things winter brings.
new years 2013 cropped.jpg
I hope your new years celebrations were awesome. here are some pretty cool mages from cities around the world and how they looked when the ball dropped. Gorgeous, I love fireworks!Slide1.jpg

Lately I have been working on my Letter of Intent and Portfolio for the Accelerated Masters in Landscape Architecture program. I am busy with working at The Lowry and preparing for my study abroad trip to Roma and Istanbul. Not only does it feel like a million things to do, if something were to say, go wrong!, its crazy. Obviously something went wrong. I lost my passport. I had to get a new one ASAP...all the places that used to give out expedited passports no longer due and now the downtown offices at 212 3rd ave. are really the only place you can get one! just fyi...when in a pinch go there!!! My trip is starting in 22 days. I am really excited. Starting in Rome and going to Istanbul is going to be a great experience. Here is a really fun list of 100 things to know before you go to Italy.
I will be writing to you all during my travels so stay plugged in with me! Lots of pictures to come. Thanks

Until next week,

Sarah S.