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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Preparations for the Real World

As the start of the spring semester approaches, the fact that I am graduating this year is becoming more of a reality. In addition to graduating this year, I will also need to start looking for a "big kid" job. Job searching can seem intimidating, especially if you are unprepared and unaware of what employers are looking for in job applications and interviews. Luckily, however, a class called RM 3201: Career and Internship is required so that Retail students can be well prepared as we step into the real world.

This single credit course goes into much depth about how to properly construct cover letters, resumes, and portfolios. However, we are not only taught how to create documents that professionals will respect, but we also learn how to conduct ourselves in job interviews and land the jobs we are looking for. All of our documents and interviews are critiqued and reviewed by the professor, who also provides very useful and personalized feedback on how to improve. In addition to building upon our job application and interviewing skills, we also set career objectives, take tests to determine our personal strengths via Strength Finder, and learn how to properly negotiate job contracts once we do land a job.

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This class is very useful and helpful, however, you can never be too prepared when it comes to finding a career; this is why we, the students, are offered the help of the Career and Internship Service center up to two years after graduation!

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