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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Routine, and Gopher Hockey

9324_1110526484996_5107553_n.jpegReady or not, 2013 has finally arrived. While starting a new year is always an exciting and often refreshing experience as a college student, 2013 will definitely be unlike any other. For roughly 5,000 U of M students including myself, this is the year - we are the Class of 2013. The "M" formation on the right is our freshman class during Welcome Week 2009! Seems like just yesterday we were all meeting each other for the very first time. For those of us graduating in exactly four years, there's only one semester left before commencement ceremonies begin in late May. Regardless of the many possible paths I may choose to take following my final semester here in the College of Design, 2013 is sure to be a year of final chapters and new beginnings. It sure will be a rollercoaster ride of a year, but I'm excited nonetheless.

While new years has figuratively served as the beginning of the end of college, so to speak, my favorite part about this time of year is the relaxation that is had during winter break. Sure, I take in about twice as many hours at my campus job, but thats pretty much the biggest stressor in my life right now which is fine with me. School is great, don't get me wrong, but winter break feels like bliss after several solid weeks of final exams and term projects.

293524_10151330347277943_515365805_n.jpgAnd on a final note, have you all heard about Gopher Hockey in the news recently? Just a few days ago the Gopher Hockey men's team hosted the Mariucci Classic and defeated Boston College (BC), the nation's top-ranked college hockey team. The best part about the game wasn't just the victory itself, but also the fact that we dominated the rink with the final score being 8-1, Gopher victory - bumping us up from fourth to number one in the nation. So at the present moment in time, BOTH the men's AND women's Gopher Hockey teams are ranked first in the nation. I am so glad that my dad got me season student tickets this year! Go Gophers!

Best wishes for the new year everyone!

- Jesse L
Housing Studies, B.S.

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