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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Last First Day & the Gopher Way

Thumbnail image for Atmoshpere.MN.0113The Spring 2013 academic term has arrived and the Twin Cities Campus is once again bustling with activity as I join the masses for my final semester as an undergraduate. Despite the mildly uncomfortable and persistent sub-zero [ºF] temps, campus life has returned from winter break as tens of thousands of U of M students and faculty made their way back to campus. The start of my semester coursework began this morning with my only Tuesday class, Architectural History Since 1750 at the Bell Museum Auditorium on the East Bank of the Minneapolis Campus. Tomorrow's agenda isn't so leisurely - starting in the early morning with Design in the Digital Age on East Bank and Rural Housing Issues on the St.   Paul Campus, and ending with Intro to Public Speaking on the West Bank that night. I'm sure it will be quite the adventure.

skywaystunneszMany of us students, especially in the College of Design, tend to cover a lot of ground in one day getting from place to place on our vast campus , and beating the cold is a foundational part of foot traffic for those who get to know the Gopher Way. The Gopher Way is an extensive network of tunnels and skyways that link campus buildings and parking structures. While some of the tunnels/skyways are simple yet efficient human transport corridors, other more heavily trafficked parts of the Gopher Way are somewhat airport-like in layout - wide pedestrian concourses lined with coffee cafes, effectively linking entire areas of campus. 

Getting to know the layout and design of the whole thing can be tricky at first, but well worth the effort on absurdly chilly days like today - and taking to the tunnels is very much in the Golden Gopher spirit!

- Jesse LaMaack

Housing Studies, B.S.