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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last First Day

This Tuesday was my final and last first day of school, ever. I will be graduating in May of this semester, so this is my last semester of college, and formal education, ever! It is a very odd feeling, bittersweet really. Having gone from high school, directly to college means I have been in some sort of school or education since the age of 5, or for a total of 17 years. Which is 77% of my entire life! Sorry for the little math tangent, but it is a lot! The moral of this is, to truly enjoy your time in college while you can. Engage in your classes, not just your major ones, as many of the closest friends I have now, I met in random general education classes like Plant Biology or Geology. These classes allow you to meet people outside of your comfort zone and major classmates, which broadens your horizons and networks. This is why the University of Minnesota is fantastic, being a huge university, it offers many many different classes and activities that allow you to meet new and different people that you would otherwise have never known.

This semester I am taking fewer classes than usual, as I am working with MNFashion, the local fashion industry's organization for events and fashion week. I am their casting director/model coordinator. It is a great way to network with local industry professionals, and shows how far you can go through connections and friendships you make along the way.

Here is a photo and link to our senior show website!


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