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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goldstein Gallery

Hello all! Today I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful resource we have available to us at the University and within the College of Design. I am talking about the Goldstein Gallery of Design. This gallery is housed within McNeal hall on the St Paul campus, which is where almost all of my design and retail classes are as well. In many classes you use the gallery for research, but it is always a great resource regardless of the class. The gallery has many artifacts, but most are apparel, design or textile based.The collection has different displays throughout the year, but you can always make an appointment with the curators to see anything specific. I have done this for research in my History of Costume class. Seeing garments up close and being able to examine them (with gloves of course!) really helps you visualize and understand the time period better.

The most current exhibition, which is set to open this weekend and will be on display through out next semester is "Redesigning Re-imagining Fashion" and it focuses on eco friendly fashion, up-cycled and recycled fashion, and fashion created out of untraditional materials. I am very excited to say that two of my pieces are on display! One is my piece that I created my freshman year, which is a transforming dress to accomadate multiple uses within one garment. This piece addresses eco fashion from a use perspective. So much of what we own in clothing is made to be worn once or twice and then forgotten about. My dress has transformative properties, so as to allow the wearer to use one garment in many settings.

The other garment, which I am especially excited about because it wasn't done for a class project but an industry fashion show, is my Vitamin Water Dress. This dress is made completely out of vitamin water labels and other recycled materials (fruit bag netting, broken CDs, etc.) I created this dress for an event, Vitamin Water Uncapped, that Vitamin Water put on in the Twin Cities during the summer of 2011.

Here is a sneak peek!


Lucie, Apparel Design