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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting Social: tweets, feeds, etc.

Hello again,

Is your relationship with College of Design FBO*?

In case you are not aware, College of Design is everywhere on the internet. MySpace may not be one of them, but you can be sure to find CDes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and of course, CDes website. I also hope you no longer own a MySpace account.

Social Network is a great way to connect with College of Design family. I am following the College of Design on all sites, facebook, linkedin, youtube, and twitter. After a long day with your relative's baby pictures or instagram photos online, let me tell you how nice it is to see updates about your peers, your professors, or design news. It is refreshing! There are also updates about lab hours, and changes students need to know. It is a great way to be informed in addition to emails. LinkedIn is another social network that is specialize in professional networking. As you will hear many more times, networking is really important. So, start now! Besides the student blogs you are reading, there is also D@MN blog for stories of students, alumni, and faculty.

CDes facebook page

To get on the list, follow the links below:
D@MN Blog:

See you next blog!
Beau S.
Architecture B.D.A.
*FBO = Facebook Official