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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

FLUX look book shoot

Hello readers!

This past weekend I returned to the twin cities for our fashion show's look book shoot. For those of you unfamiliar with the term "look book", a look book is kind of like a program to a fashion show. It shows images of the looks and outfits featured in the show, and offers a glimpse into the designers' behind the collections by having bios and inspiration. It also has contact information for all designers and other talentin the show, as well as a "thank you" page which credits all those involved and who contributed. Our look book will feature one two-page spread about each designer, featuring a one page photo of one of their designs (which we shot on Saturday) as well as a once page write up about the designer themselves and the collection, as well as our bio photos.

On Saturday we shot our look book images, which meant we got to see at least one final garment on a model with professional styling, which was fantastic. My gorgeous model, Lauren, drove 4 hours to shoot with me which just goes to show that networking and making great connections with industry professionals like models can go a long way! I am the only designer showing "plus size" garments, so that was fun to see my model (a size 14/16) look fantastic alongside all the size 0/2 models. (Plus size in the fashion industry is anything above a size 6, it is a very odd industry and I am trying to change some of the outlook on it with my collection, designed using models ranging from size 6/8-14/16)

Below is a sneak peak from the shoot, straight off the photographers screen!


Lucie, Apparel Design