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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Day, Hooray!

photo.JPGHey guys! So today is the first day of the spring semester. I'm doing this blog post a little different by giving you little updates as my day goes along. Here we go!

7:20AM - Man oh man, can you say early morning? I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it sure has been awhile. I'm just waiting for my english muffin to pop out of the toaster, then me, my roommate Lauren, and our friend Marie are heading to the campus connector bus stop to go to our first classes of the day on the West Bank.

10:06AM - Stopped by Coffman to mail a few things I sold on Amazon. One of the things was an old textbook I found in my room from freshman year. Selling stuff via Amazon, the UMN textbook exchange facebook page, or the Bookstore on campus are easy ways to earn a couple of extra bucks as a college student and I highly recommend it! I also ran into my friend and co-worker, Drew, so now we're sitting and prepping for our next classes.

11:28AM - On my way to meet my friend Tina in the St. Paul Student Center. She's a good friend who I used to work with back in the day and she's applying to a graduate program here at the U. I'm so excited to hear about what she's been up to and how the process is going! Afterwards I've got Interior Design Studio.

1:17PM - Just got out of studio, and early too! Gotta love the first couple days of class, right? It was really nice getting to see everyone from last semester and I am really excited to get working again! Today we got our first project of the semester. We'll be redesigning a study space located on campus. It's especially cool because on Thursday we'll be touring the space and interviewing the client and once we're done with our solutions, we get to present them not only to our class and professor, but the real life client. From there if they like someone's project, it might just happen for real.

2:48PM - Whew! Home at last, for now that is. It's been a really good day and I have zero complaints. In a little bit I'm gunna meet up with my friend Hilary so we can grab a slice at Mesa. After that I'll head home, relax, and prep for tomorrow.

So in sum, that's a breakdown of how my day went! I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll talk to you next week! :)

Oh yeah, and before I forget - the Dean's Reception is coming up! It's an event for newly admitted College of Design students to come and see the campus, meet current students (including many of the CDes bloggers), have some lunch, and learn more about what the College of Design and U of M have to offer. I'll be there and it'd be awesome to meet some of my readers in person, so I hope to see you there!

Until the next one,
Ashley O.
Interior Design