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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Class Impressions

Hi friends! This week I think I'll inform you on how my classes are looking so far and some of my first impressions. This semester I am taking four classes, a credit-load of fifteen credits. Fifteen or sixteen credits is about average student's credit-load, but some take more and some take less; it depends on the student and how he or she manages time and schoolwork. Within my four classes, three of them are four credit courses and one is three credits; four credits typically means a little bit of a larger work-load, but it's looking like my three credit one is going to be about the same. The classes I am taking are Computer Literacy (PSTL 1571), International Retail Markets (RM 4217), Marketing Research (MKTG 3010), and Surface Design: Color and Form (GDES 3312).

PSTL 1517 is looking like it's going to be pretty manageable and easily understood. The class is computer based so it is not a requirement to attend the class's designated timeslot, except on test days and whenever you want/need help from the professor, who seems very nice and willing to help. The only thing that I need to be concerned about in this class is being diligent in keeping up with my assignments, since it is not required to physically go to class.


MKTG 3010 is looking to be my hardest class, mostly because statistics are a large part of Marketing Research and statistics was never my strong suit in math. However, the professor seems to be very willing to help. So it just looks like I'm going to need to put in a little extra effort in this course and be willing to go to the professor's office hours to get help on the things that I don't fully understand.

RM 4217 is a class that is both online based and classroom based. We have physical lectures some days and on other days we simply need to go online for live chats, discussions, and assignments. I had my first live chat class session today, it was very interesting and a bit chaotic trying to keep up with everyone, but luckily the professor figured out the issue and it will be sorted out by the next live chat. I am excited to see how this class format progresses.

GDES 3312 is the course I am taking to complete my Design Minor and is looking to be my most hands on and possibly most time consuming course; this is because it is studio based and if I have homework I will need to go to the studio itself to complete it. But the course is looking like it's going to be fun, so I'm excited.

-Sasenka- Retail Merchandising