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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chilly Days and Positive Thoughts

Today was one of those cold days here at the University of Minnesota Campus that some people only hear about on the news; you know, one of those days where the temperature dips into the negatives and people are all bundled up and looking like marshmallows as they walk to class. Luckily, however, it looks like this cold wave will soon be over and the temperature will rise up to about thirty degrees towards the end of the week.

Cold weather is something that we definitely are used to here in Minnesota. And while we sometimes complain and whine about how chilly it can get, I can honestly say that sometimes I really enjoy it when it gets this cold. This is because the cold makes me really appreciate the warm when it comes. Also, there is seriously something so magical and wonderful about getting to experience all four seasons and seeing the changes that occur.

Another cool thing about having all four seasons present is that we (particularly us Retail Major's who are interested in apparel) get to experiment and play with so many different looks and fashions that are made for each season. This is not only fun, but actually somewhat beneficial I think. I mean no matter where we end up working or what company we end up working for, we will have knowledge on the apparel products that are specific to whatever climate area they serve, because we've experienced them all.

(The cold can also be some fun. Today, I frosted my hair and eyelashes, simply by breathing on them (haha). It can kind of also gave me a glimpse of my future self; I am assuming that this is what I will look like at age 76, white hair and all...what do you guys think?)

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