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Monday, January 14, 2013

Almost That Time!!

Hi guys,

So this week I went out into the cold and did lots of fun stuff. Sometimes I am not too sure what motivates me but I get pretty serious about getting outside. Last Wednesday, before the warm weekend that Im sure we are all missing right now, I went to the Ice Castles stationed out near the Mall of America. looking up.JPGThumbnail image for DSC03371.jpgDSC03377.jpg
It was so fun and slippery. I will warn you that although it was really fun at night, it was swarming with children running everywhere on ice. Dangerous.... I had a blast and am really glad I got to see them. There are lots of things I want to do before I leave for Rome next week!!! like sledding or playing broomball, finishing a painting i started but could not get quite right, reading what seems like an endless amount of books about Rome and Istanbul, seeing all my friends. The list goes on forever. When I feel overwhelmed about starting something new I always make a list! Its so cleansing because all the stuff I have been thinking about is put out in front of me and cleared from my brain. Monday for instance, get a bunch of books; travel, phrase, novels, fiction...all to help me understand the places I am going starting next week. If you missed it I am participating in the Architecture in Istanbul trip with the Cdes school of architecture.

Until next week,

Sarah S.

Landscape Planning BED: spring 2014