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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Glimpse at a Possible First Semester

I remember entering my first year of college; it was very intimidating. I had to get used to a new city, new school, new friends, and a new and different class structure. The class structure was most intimidating for me however, because I had no idea what to expect; I didn't know what I would be learning and how I would be learning it. I soon discovered was that all classes are structured differently and it all depends on the subject matter and the instructor. But knowing that the unknown is intimidating, I figured that I would give you a small glimpse at what your first semester of classes might look like. Having taken these classes, I can share a bit of information on what they were like, but I can't guarantee that they will be the same. Some classes change year to year, and you may different professors than I or choose a different set of classes. But either way, here is a look at a potential possibility.

Comm 1101: Intro to public speaking
This was a very small class, very laid-back, with only about fifteen to twenty people. We did about four or five speeches, one of which was formal. I had the class twice a week and it was about ninety minutes long.

DES1111: Creative Problem Solving
This was a larger lecture class with a hundred people, however the discussion portion had only about fifteen. This class had very entertaining homework; every week we had to step out of our comfort zones and approach "typical" tasks in different ways; we then document, write about them, and present them in our discussions. The objective of the class is to get students thinking outside the box.
(This was an assignment in which we had to "wear something different" to Creative Problem Solving discussion; I choose to wear my hair EXTREMELY messy, very out of my comfort zone.)

Econ 1101: Microeconomics
Most students take this class in the lecture format with about 400+ other students. When I took the class there were two exams and one cumulative final. I had this class three times a week for only fifty minutes, which I liked because it gave me time to process the content and understand it before moving on to new material.

Math 1021: College Algebra
When I took this class I felt as if it was done in a very similar format to my high school math classes; I had homework each week, three exams, and a final. I had this class twice a week for about two hours. College Algebra is the lowest math requirement needed to graduate with a Retail Merchandising Degree; so taking a higher math class also fills the requirement.

RM 1201: Fashion, Ethics, and Consumptions
This was an eighty-person class when I took it; it was held three times a week in fifty-minute increments. We had weekly quizzes concerning the content, which covered material like body image in fashion, ethical issues like sweatshops and counterfeit products, and many other hardy topics within the fashion world. I believe that I had two exams in the class, one final, and one paper as well.

Hope this was helpful!
Sasenka- Retail Merchandising