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Friday, December 14, 2012

You're invited!

Here's a question: Did you know you can come the University of Minnesota and get a customized College of Design tour where you get to see resources, equipment, and student work up close and personal? If you did know this, then great! If you did not know this, don't fret because tours are offered almost every Friday and will resume in the new semester beginning January 25th. If you're wondering who your tour guide would be... the answer is probably me! I give tours every Friday to students who are interested in Interior Design, Apparel Design, Graphic Design, Housing Studies, and Retail Merchandising. There's another awesome tour guide dedicated to Architecture and Landscape Design & Planning over in Rapson Hall (the other design building).

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These tours are a great way to learn more about programs you are interested in as well as get a sense of what the campuses are like. It's nice because you see a dorm, get an info session, then get to view the academic side of things. Some of the highlights include seeing studio spaces for various majors, getting an inside peek at resources available, and the services such as Student Services or Career and Internship Services. By learning about what the College of Design has to offer while you are a prospective student, it really gives you an advantage once you come here because you already know so much.

If you're interested in setting up a tour, it's really easy! Just click here for more info.

Hope to see you on a tour sometime! :)

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