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Thursday, December 6, 2012


I feel that I can speak for most U of M undergrads when describing this week as a true challenge in the area of time management - finals are right around the corner and most of us have other projects and deadlines to take care of first. In other words, it's crunch time. There's no doubt I've succumb to the mechanically operating work-school-study-sleep-repeat routine that get caught up in at this time of the year. While it may not be the most balanced or wholesome means of existence, a structured and productive daily agenda is to be expected when cruising through the home stretch of academic term - there is an end in sight!

SeanJesseDec5.jpg The recent cold snap that sent all of us for a loop yesterday brought less than favorable outdoor conditions, so instead of traveling to campus and back for our scheduled library session, my friend Sean (senior, School of Journalism & Mass Communications) and I set up a makeshift study nook at my place and were able to remain studious for several hours (not usually the case for me when studying in a college residential environment). While I seldom study at my house (or friends' places) because of the numerous distractions that tend to present themselves, I will note that our current home in the SE Como Neighborhood is a far more favorable study environment than some of our previous residences - my freshman residence hall (Pioneer Hall) being a good comparative example. Pioneer was great - loved every minute of it - but it was in no way an ideal place to get serious homework done, which was okay since the Biomedical Library was in the tunnel system just across the street and open late.


In other news, the office I work at part-time (College of Biological Sciences Student Services) will soon be moving from Snyder Hall on the St. Paul Campus to Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) on the East Bank of the Minneapolis Campus! I'm pretty excited for the move; it will work perfectly with my schedule for the upcoming Spring 2013 academic term. It will also be convenient for CBS students who don't spend much of their time on the St. Paul Campus, and overall easier to locate with MCB being on Washington Avenue (the main drag of East Bank, light rail coming soon!). I also have an internship interview coming up next week for the upcoming Spring term, fingers crossed!

Jesse - Housing Studies, B.S.