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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Break has Arrived!

IMG_4076.JPGI am pleased to announce that I am completely finished with my fall semester coursework and Winter Break is finally here! Although the work started piling up at the end as it always seems to, I powered through it and am very satisfied with my hard work. I definitely underestimated how much research I had compiled for my final projects until it was all laying in a pile on my floor - it was a tad overwhelming but somewhat organized (to me at least). CIMG6339.JPGThe final thing submitted marking the end of my semester was a brief yet concise summary explaining the formation, hazards, and mitigation of ice dams that form on rooftops during the winter season, caused by unwanted heat rising through attic ceilings and melting the snow on the exterior. Ice dams have potential to cause major damage to the house and also can become a source of mold and mildew which is no good! Preventing them can save a lot of potential problems. Thankfully, I was able to refer back to a handy little diagram I drew a few years back in my Systems Approach to Residential Construction class, and was able to get my final assignment submitted quickly and painlessly.

Outside of my exciting end-of-semester news, I am continuing to work for the next few days at our new office on the East Bank Campus that CBS Student Services recently moved to (which I mentioned a few weeks back). It is freshly renovated and in a convenient spot on campus, so I already love the change in scenery. At the end of the weekend I will be heading back home to southwestern Minnesota and spend a week or two with my family and relaxing. Hope you are all staying warm, it's getting cold out there!

Jesse L. - Housing Studies, B.S.