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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What to Know for the Snow

a.JPG This past Sunday a pretty big snowstorm hit Minneapolis and everyone on campus appeared to be pretty excited about it! Last year's winter was pretty mild and warm, with very little snow. So when the snow started falling this past weekend, everyone was excited to take part in fun snow festivities that we missed out on last year, festivities such as snowball fights with friends!

Snow is typically inevitable during the winter months in Minnesota and tends to change things up a little on campus, particularly in transportation via Campus Connector busses. During winter months, Campus Connectors tend to run a little slower than in the fall and spring months, usually about five minutes late or so. Not usually a big deal,however, as a Retail Merchandising student, I think that it is important to know about these little delays, especially before creating your class schedules.

Retail Merchandising students are continuously tranfering between the three different locations, St, Paul, East Bank, and West Bank, on the university. The connector rides between the different locations are typically quick and easy, lasting roughly about twenty minutes or so between opposite sides of campus. However, in the wintertime it can take a little longer, which can get a little tricky for us Retail students, especially if we scheduled less than a thirty minutes gap between the classes that are on opposite sides of campus.

Knowing about how things run in the winter time before you come to the university can be beneficial. So when it comes time for you, potential retail students, to create class schedules, make sure to leave at a forty minute gap between class that are on opposite sides of campus.

Until next week friends!
Sasenka-Retail Merchandising