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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Traveling Design

Today I thought I would post about something other than my senior line, as next week it will be completely finished and I will be sure to post about the final critique and how it was received! Can't wait! This weekend will be very busy, but everything is worth it in the end!

Back to my post! I thought I would post about taking opportunities when traveling and out with parents and family, over holidays, etc, to take advantage of different fashion and design exhibits. I often travel with my family and always am going to galleries and museums with them on our vacations. This past Thanksgiving break we were able to take some time to visit the Field Museum in Chicago, IL. The Field Museum has a great exhibit currently about the museums' clothing and fashion coordinator, and how her designs often take inspiration from older garments housed within the various regional collections. The exhibition was showing her garments alongside traditional and very old artifacts and comparing and contrasting the design elements within the pieces.

Attending events and exhibitions like these broadens your design and fashion views, as well as network and knowledge. Making time to visit even the local galleries and collection showings (during MNFashion Week, etc.) is a great start!

Here is a picture from the collection!

Lucie, Apparel Design