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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tips for the end of the semester

Managing your design projects on top of other group projects or finals you might have can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you get through the last few demanding weeks:

1) Ask professors for extra feedback

It often seems that your biggest and most important studio project of the semester is crammed into a very short amount of time in the final weeks of class. On more than one occasion, I have felt that the amount of critique I received from my classmates and professor toward the end of the semester just wasn't quite enough. Luckily, most professors will be completely willing to give you some more feedback during their office hours or via email.

2) Stay organized, Plan ahead

Okay, so staying organized and planning ahead is a given, but I have encountered a few unforeseen and stressful situations toward the end of the semester that I never would have seen coming. For instance, if you need project supplies from the St. Paul Bookstore for a project, make sure to grab them before the weekend. The Coffman Bookstore is open on Saturday, but not Sundays! Also make sure to pay attention to the Computer lab hours for printing and working.

3) Choose your battles wisely

Okay, so you got more feedback on your project and you planned ahead as best as you could, but you still can't find enough time to create the work you would truly like to. Don't stress out too much - remember that you can always improve upon your work later. When it comes time to graduate, the work in your portfolio is what will matter - not the grade you got on one project in your foundation class. With that being said, always do your best- but your best is hardly even what you hand in to your professor. Improvements can always be made after the fact!

And just remember:
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Good Luck!

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