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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The End is in Sight!

One thing that is great about design classes is that your final projects are usually due the week before finals week. Once you get further along in the program and have finished up your liberal education requirements that have more traditional final exams, you might not even have any tests during finals week. I am pretty excited that I will be completely done with this semester come Wednesday evening after I present my final project in Web & Interface Design.

If you do still have some final exams coming up next week, let me give you some advice: get your studying done this week! I have been in the situation a few times before where my classes were over but I had my last final almost a week later. It is not fun and not easy to make yourself study after several days of feeling like your semester is over. If you have finals next week, treat the rest of your week off as a normal school week and get the majority of your studying done now. You will feel so much better and will be able to enjoy your weekend and days off before finishing up. Get your studying done now while you are still in school mode and brush up with a quick review before you breeze through your last exams, you will thank yourself!

That's it for now. I need to put the finishing touches on my project!

Sean Mateer
Graphic Design

P.S. I would highly suggest stopping by Open Port, the graphic design senior show for seniors graduating this semester. The show is from 5-8pm this Friday November 14th at the Weisman Art Museum and it is free! This is a great opportunity to check out some awesome work and get idea of what your portfolio may entail when you graduate. You can also get advice from and network with the students graduating from the program.

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