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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Planning a Productive Winter Break

One thing I really love about winter break is that it is long enough to give you some much deserved time off from constant studying and designing, but short enough to stay motivated about improving your portfolio and getting ready for next semester. Take a week or two off if you need to, but set a date for yourself to reevaluate the work you did this semester and see if it can be improved upon - this is especially important if you are Freshman who will be participating in Portfolio Review at the beginning of next fall! I often find that after not seeing work I did for a few weeks, I will look back and immediately notice things that bother me and could be improved. It definitely isn't necessary to improve all of the work you did this semester, but picking some of your best work and polishing it to make it really shine is a great start.

During my winter break, one of my biggest goals will be to finally get around to making a new portfolio website. I had been hoping to work on a new portfolio this semester, but was so busy that I didn't get around to it. Previously, I have used Cargo and Behance to easily create an online portfolio, but this time I will be creating my own site from scratch and hosting it on my own domain that I purchased. Websites like Cargo and Behance are great ways to start showcasing your work, even as a Freshman or Sophomore. In a future blog, I plan on talking about the pros and cons of using a service like Cargo or Behance vs. coding your own website from scratch.

Because I am very interested in web and interactive design, coding my own website makes the most sense for me, and also allows me to showcase my skills. I am excited to create a responsive website that will be easily accessible across all devices with different size screens. If you aren't familiar with responsive web design, you should check some websites that use it. Try resizing your browser horizontally on responsive sites and watch how the page automatically adapts to different sizes. Neato!

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 11.50.46 PM.png

No blog next week, but I will be blogging once a week for the rest of break after that. Happy Holidays!

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