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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finale of Finals

The end of finals, planning the return trips home, getting ready for holiday events with friends and families. All this stuff builds up right when finals hit and hopefully you made it through with some sleep and dignity. I had no dignity last week...2 all nighters and some serious holes in my final model design. Add in a few brain farts during my presentation and it all ended with an awkward sweeping spew of information from an awesome crew of guest reviewers that came in for LA 3001. The reviews were exciting and with so many people the 2 hours flew by. My advice for model reviews: stick to what you know, talk sparingly, listen actively, and be appreciative and welcoming to new ideas!!


I just got a tip from my friend An, a current Landscape Architecture Graduate student. Check out the Minneapolis Convention Center on Facebook and look at the Vote: creative challenge. Just by reading the proposal I learned a lot about Minneapolis, downtown, street grids, and art as an informative diagram.
Hope your enjoying new found freedoms and winter time fun. See you next time!!!

Sarah S.