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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Final Line!

It's over! (mostly) My final line is complete (minus a few finishing details that need to wait until final fittings, like lining one dress, a few zippers, and hems, etc) I am so excited that I've gotten this far in such a small time frame!

These past two weekends I have spent every waking moment in studio. For example, this past weekend, I spent 55 of 80 hours in studio. (Thursday afternoon through Sunday night) It was a crazy busy time for me, but when you truly love something, like design and fashion, you'll put in the time, no matter how much it ends up being. It is something you're passionate about, so it is your top priority.

For our final critique, our mentors, professors and other design faculty and staff, as well as students, all come together to listen to your presentation and give feedback. It is always positive, but critical, as that is how design evolves, and designers grow.

Here is a picture of my final line! What do you think?


Lucie, Apparel Design