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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Done In The Nick of Time

So yesterday I realized that I had only one more day of class left until I was done with my semester. I got a huge feeling of excitement and drowsiness; most of us have been running on very little sleep during finals week. With all of my projects due Monday and Tuesday this week I had a major push last weekend for what felt like a million things. I am sure some of you can relate, but I just am so happy that I made it to Wednesday! So all thats left is a dance class, attending a presentation and then presenting a model in 3001. THEN. I. AM. DONE. Then I am going to Rome and Istanbul. Where there is no snow. This study abroad Architecture program is leaving in January and returning in May, meaning I get to skip the majority of winter in Minnesota! Having grown up here I am more than happy to skip one cold season for the moderate rainy season of Italy and Turkey. snow outside my house.JPGThumbnail image for DSC03346.JPG

I hope you all are ready for some winter activities like sledding, ice skating and hot cocoa drinking. Check out the ice castles over by the Mall of America, ice skating at the Depot in downtown, or try to find the best tasting hot cocoa in the city! Enjoy winter break and get ready for some winter fun when you get back!

A great article by Cody Nelson at MN Daily highlights the student group U Students Like Good Food Check it out and Ill be back next week!!!!!

Sarah S.