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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Campus Fun

Finals are over and winter break has started, so I think that in today's post I'll write about some of the fun, non-class related activities that the University of Minnesota offers to its students.

Most of these fun activities are part of Gopher's After Dark and are planned by the Student Unions & Activities committee. The entertainment and activities that occur at Gopher's After Dark take place at our student union, Coffman, on Friday and Saturday nights. Movies, music shows, entertainment artists, games, and many other fun and random activities take place during these weekend events. The movies that are shown during these nights are free and are movies that are freshly out of the theaters, but have yet to be released on DVD. The musical acts and shows typically occur at The Whole Music Club, which is located in the basement of Coffman, and showcase both local and nationally known artists. Occasionally, there are famous comedians, motivational speakers, and other well-known entertainers that come and perform for the students on these nights; one time I saw the comedic cast Chelsea Lately, it was pretty funny. There is also bowling and a game room, where students can simply socialize and have fun; these two activities, however, are also available during weekdays. Sometimes, events that are set up by other student groups that take place at Gophers After Dark as well. One event in particular that I recall is called "Scrubbed into Fashion;" it a fashion show set up by the Student group Fashion and Business.
(Doing live-band karaoke at Gophers after Dark, photo curtsy of Student Union & Activities Committee)

As you can see, the UofM not only offers a great education to its students, but also great entertainment and fun as well!

Until Next Time Friends!
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