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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Busy, Busy, Happy?

So it's the week before finals week and I should be feeling stressed, especially looking at all that I have to have done by next Wednesday, which is a lot by the way! But oddly enough, I'm at peace and actually pretty excited to study for tests and work on projects, assignments, and papers, pretty crazy right? Well, part of the reason I'm feeling so optimistic and positive is because I've decided to start looking foreword to my assignments, getting excited about them! I feel like so much of the time we, college students, take advantage of school; we look at our assignments as something that we just have to finish and overcome, instead of appreciating and really learning form the opportunity that is set before us. So, I'm choosing to be grateful for schoolwork and studying, especially these assignments that are set before me during this crazy and stressful part of the semester! Deciding to approach this week, and hopefully the entire school year, with this positive attitude is actually giving me a heart to enjoy my schoolwork, which is allowing me to be more productive as well. And personally I need all the productivity available, especially if I'm going to be able to finish five papers, two final projects, and studying for tests/quizzes in a matter of a single week!

(Planner full and still smiling!)

I don't know, maybe it's the season, maybe it's because I know the end of the semester is so near; either way, I hope that this mindset lasts the entire school year because I definitely prefer being happy and productive rather than stressful and overwhelmed.

Until next week friends!
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