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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Almost done, almost done

And MAN OH MAN, I seriously cannot wait. It's been a good semester, but I'm ready to put a lid on it and officially start my winter break. Right now, the only thing left on my plate is my Textile Analysis lecture final exam on Wednesday at 8am (bright and early). I've been studying my butt off, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've still got a whole day left to fully prepare, so I'm really glad that I spaced out my studying over the span of a few days.

Some of the things I'm excited to do over break include applying for scholarships and internships. As appealing as a totally lazy bum winter break might be, I think productivity is even more appealing and it will ultimately pay off in the long run. I am hoping to have a full time internship this summer, and that isn't going to find itself. I have a place in mind, so that's step one, but I still need to work on my resume, cover letter, and application materials. I have some rough drafts, so on Wednesday sometime after my final I plan on heading over to Career and Internship Services to get everything looked at and critiqued. Having a resource like that which is so easily accessibly is honestly priceless (and actually, it's free guys). It's always a good idea to have an extra set of eyes or two to look at stuff like that, so I can't wait to get some feedback.

As for scholarships, I'll be hunting throughout the University website and beyond. There was also an email that went out about the 2013 President's Student Leadership and Service Awards. It could be a long shot, but I intend on applying for this since I do have leadership experience that I've acquired over the past few years. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

One other thing I'm really looking forward to over break is my trip to Chicago coming up. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and blog about it so stay tuned! :)

Until the next,
Ashley O.
Interior Design