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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Designer's Relief

Designing spaces large and small is part of being a landscape planner. It is how you deal with the space you have, not the size of the space, that can shape it into something special. 3001 design scheme001.jpg Working with a proposed site on a piece of paper is extremely difficult for me. Starting with a drawing on a scale version where 1"=20' then translating that into more detailed drawings and then a full sized model. Its really hard to wrap my mind around the sizing, and appropriate elements that are needed in this site. I got some good advice from my TA in LA3001 David K., In a site that is a small public space, he told me to make larger gestures with lots of direction. It is always easier to focus into smaller areas once the major concept has been expressed clearly. This advice is helping me to connect better with my site, contour lines, and structural elements. You can see from my first draft of the site that I have some sweeping ideas, but I took a lot of care in the movement of the pathways, but not the spaces outside of them. My next step is to use my contours for purposeful design, not just to be there without connection. So I suppose I am saying think outside yourself and get other people's opinions before completing a design!
There is an article by the Southwest Journal that reinforces the idea that people need to experience nature. Being in nature reduces stress. But what if you work in the landscape you are supposed to be experiencing. Where is the designers relief? think about some of your stress reliever these next few weeks, get through finals with some sanity. I'll be back again next week.

Sarah S.