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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wrappin' Things Up!

Hey guys,

The weather gets colder and time is flying by, I cannot believe how much I have had to do and get done this week! It is a hard semester that is close to being finished. Most of us have registered for next semester, which i always think is fun. But this time around I am not registering. Instead I am going to be in Rome and Istanbul for a study abroad semester led by Ozayr Saloojee focusing on Architecture. Yay, I'm thrilled to be leaving MN for the chilly months.
Rome has a temperate Mediterranean climate and Istanbul has a warm but wet climate. I love learning about new places. Inspired by my upcoming travels, I have decided to create a Roman inspired structure for a model i have been working on. Here is the preliminary design. I want it to be a little modern yet clearly taking elements from roman temples, like the arches and arcaded walk. this is done in Google SketchUp...I think one of the more intuitive programs to use for 3d diagraming.
model with building plan.jpg
I also had a huge group project and presentation. I can't be the only one who feels a little bead of sweat roll down their brow at the idea of a long term group project. We all have our own priorities, majors, and work out side of school. However, some groups work better than others. I have been thinking about why lately. One of my group projects went so well....everyone put in work where and when they could, we got it done before the deadline and were flexible with one another. Another group I am in, that presented yesterday, (and now we are done!! sweeeeeet)....anyways this group had constant scheduling issues, confusion of the assignment and not a lot of cohesion between diagrams. Everyone worked hard, we all had ideas and inspiration, but the final group pieces were ok at best. So I think I learned the communication, giving one another examples of your work before hand, and a couple rounds of practice (all together or not) before a presentation are very helpful. Use other groups as inspiration too! Don't be shy about making sure your group is on the right track by comparing work to others. Make it original but its a good way to ease any worry. Have a good week and a great Thanksgiving Day off!!

Hope this is helpful,

Sarah S.