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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving and Thanks for a Break

Hey guys,

I am sure you are all aware that it is Thanksgiving week.
Thumbnail image for Wild-Turkey.jpgThis means we get a break from classes on Thursday and Friday, and some awesome teachers even cancelled Wednesday classes. But this is NOT a good time to completely turn on your studies and projects; those long term projects, those pieces you mean to work on a little everyday, or even just getting organized can go unattended during the semester. Don't forget to think about that stuff while you got a few extra minutes this weekend. Here is a great example of some stuff I'll be doing this weekend:

cleaning my room: it has been too long.
A design treatise projectt: have about 1/4 of the elements I need and its due date is sneaking up on me!
doctors appointments: they will be made and even marked on my calender! my trip to Rome and Istanbul is coming up.
None of these things are hard to do or even time consuming, but when you are in college they can slip through your head easily.
Also to update my status of the structural model I am working is what I got so far, now I just have to scrounge up some card board (the workshop is sold out!! oh no) and get it done.

model with building plan.jpg
So remember to eat lots of food, see your friends and enjoy your family if you can.
Have a good week and ill talk to you again soon.

Sarah S.
Landscape Planning : BED 2014