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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Senior Line: Final Garments!

The time is finally upon me, final garments time! This means that I am through with the initial phases of patterning, test garments and pattern corrections and am ready to move on to creating the real garments out of their fashion fabrics. (Fashion fabrics is a fancy way to say the actual fabric the garment will be made out of. Muslin is the inexpensive cotton fabric used to make most test garments.) This also means that my garments are starting to look real, and I love it! It is really hard to tell how a design will look in the end when it is in the wrong fabric, so moving on to this step is very encouraging.

When you start creating garments in the final fabrics, you also start making design decisions based on how they look in reality, not just in sketch or in test garment fabric. For example, one of my designs was a jumper with sleeves. In final fabric, the sleeves were too much of a good thing (over designing is a difficult thing to overcome, and something important to watch as a new designer) and I completely changed the silhouette to be sleeveless. I think it is much more chic now, and fits with the rest of my line better. Take a look below!


These are not in any way finished garments, but they're getting close! I have final fittings this week and will continue to finish the pieces over the next two weeks! Wish me luck!

Lucie, Apparel Design