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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rules #1 Don't Talk About the BDA

Hello again!

Nothing can start off this week blog better than this picture:


This is the entrance of the BDA (Bachelor of Design in Architecture) Studio which references an all-time great movie, Fight Club. In my first blog, I talked about the work I did in one of my BDA classes where we re-designed and prototyped the entire work space of the BDA program for all BDA students. Design-build like this is a rare opportunity for design students worldwide. We have the opportunity to do that right here at the University of Minnesota - College of Design.

bda room.jpg
BDA studio, just look at the amazing amount of space students get to work with

I was part of the first "Re-build the BDA" workshop and now it is in its fifth generation. There have been great ideas and works produced by the students in each generation. So, I went to the 5th generation class to talk to students about the progress, their experience, and here is what I got for you.

Bda rebuilt.JPG
Students are constructing their design out of wood. The products will be used by students in the BDA program.

The class are currently working on building multiple prototypes variation of the shelving units along the wall, and the multipurpose dividing panels for classrooms. They are using wood instead of cardboard which was the material used in the first generation class. This gives students an opportunity to be hands on and learn how to turn their design ideas into a well-constructed object.

bda classes.jpg
(Left) 1st generation of the class- Spring 2012, (right) 5th generation of the class - Fall 2012

There are many things that were produced in the 2nd -4th generation classes and I want to give all the credit to everyone who is involved with the project. It's hard to believe that students are the ones who design and build all these, but they did. Remember that this could be you one day. If you have a chance to visit the U, I highly recommend stopping by the BDA studio to see what is going on. Be sure to ask a lot of questions when you are visiting!

See you next blog,
Beau S.
Architecture B.D.A.