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Monday, November 5, 2012


This November I'm making some major changes, and I really really mean it this time. As the school year began and progressed from month to month, a slippery slope of spending threatened my wallet and my bank account. I was buying too many snacks, taking too many trips to the vending machine, shopping way too much, and finding myself going through drive thru after drive thru. Needless to say, this has been incredibly detrimental from a financial standpoint. With the holidays around the corner, I cannot afford to be broke. I want to buy presents for my loved ones and I'm planning a trip to Chicago; these things won't pay for themselves!

no-money-300x300.jpegThe rules of No Spend November are pretty simple. I'm only allowed to spend money on the two G's, gas and groceries. Outside of that, I honestly do not foresee a valid "need" to spend money on anything else. Of course there could be emergencies or things like that, and of course that's allowed, but I'm gunna try my absolute best to stick to the two G's and make things go according to plan.

Another thing I plan on checking out is the financial advising offered my the folks over at Live Like a Student (Now So You Don't Have to Later). In addition to financial advising, they offer a monthly newsletter with money tips and a website with more helpful resources.

Some friends of mine have joined me in No Spend November, will you?

Ashley O.
Interior Design

P.S. Tomorrow is election day, so you better be voting! If you need to find your polling place, click here.