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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Next semester already!?

With such a busy schedule, this semester has seemed to go faster than ever before. I can't believe there are only 3 weeks of regular class left (including this one)! I registered a week or two ago for my second to last semester of my college career. That's right, I'm graduating in Fall 2013! This is pretty exciting for me because until recently, I didn't think I would be able to graduate until Spring 2014. Here is a look at the classes I am taking in Spring and what I expect from them!

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GDes 3352 - Identity and Symbol
This class concentrates a lot on branding. From what I have heard from friends, projects may include creating a brand and identity for a fictional company of your choice, or even redesigning the identity of an existing company.

GDes 3353 - Packaging and Display
Surprise, surprise - this class is all about branding and packaging design. It will be fun to have a somewhat hands-on class again next semester. This semester has been pretty computer heavy!

GDes 5341 Interactive Design
This course seems to change frequently over the years, but I have heard it will probably involve some web and mobile app design, as well as a few other projects. I will give an update after the course starts!

Jour 3006 - Visual Communication
This is the last course I will be taking for my mass communication minor. I don't know exactly what it is all about, but it is called visual communication... here's to hoping it is fun!

PUBH 1005 - Sleep, Eat, Exercise
This will be interesting... I needed one more credit to be full time and all of the cool gym classes I wanted to take were full. In all seriousness though, there are a number of 1 credit Public Health online classes that are supposedly pretty easy and fun. Check them out if are curious or need to pick up an extra credit!

P.S. Try using UofM's new Schedule Builder to help you plan out next semester!

Sean Mateer
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