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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Final Round of Courses

Tomorrow marks the day of my final round of course registration before graduation! It feels like just yesterday that I registered for the very first time at freshman orientation, and here I am today planning out my final semester as an undergraduate. While I have usually felt overwhelmed with tons course options during registration season, I'm now left with a fairly structured list of classes to take to complete my degree. Together, they fulfill the remainder of my housing technology concentration and architecture minor, plus intro to public speaking, which is one of those courses I've been putting off for a while. Here is the tentative list of course I plan to register for:

- COMM 1101: Introduction to Public Speaking
- HSG 5484: Rural Housing Issues
- ARCH 3412: Architectural History since 1750
- ARCH 4150-005: Multifamily Net-Zero Seminar
- ARCH 5550-002: Multifamily Net-Zero Studio Module

I'm most excited for the Multifamily Net-Zero Seminar & Studio Module. Together, they are a special pair of courses for upper-level students and will essentially be the capstone courses of my academic career - combining the most important elements my degree - housing, residential technology, architecture, and sustainability.

Hab1.png hgab2.png

The 2011 Princeton Net-Zero project and the 2012 Northside Net-Zero project (above) are some of the past studios that have come from this course. It will be quite a bit of work, but it will ensure that I get the very most out of the little time that I have left in the College of Design. Saving the best for last.

Jesse - Housing Studies, B.S.