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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping Focus

The holidays are among us, making it very difficult for us students to focus on school! Luckily, I have a lot of interesting classes that make these last few weeks of the semester go by a little faster. One of these classes is my Fashion, Design, and Global Industries class (ADES 4218). I think I've probably talked about this class a little bit in previous posts, but I think I'll go a little bit more in depth about what it's all about in this post.

This class is an online course where the students, within the class, are split into different discussion groups. Each week we make posts in these discussion sections; the posts pertain to the topics we're learning and readings about in that particular week. These discussion groups exist so that we as students can learn from and with our peers even though we are not in a physical classroom setting. The topics of posts vary and can be anything from 'What makes a specific city (e.g. London, Paris, Tokyo) a Fashion Capitol' to this week's discussion topic of "Qipao" influences in Western design.

Quizzes are also a weekly occurrence in the class; but, unlike previous quizzes that I've taken for online classes, the quizzes in Fashion, Design, and Global Industries are essay/short answer and not timed. We actually have a full week, from Thursday to Thursday, to work on them. I find this really nice, because we get time to think and process through the answers, rather than just rushing to get them all done and answered. Of course, in addition to the discussions and quizzes, we occasionally also have group projects or video reports to work on; these assignments are pretty rare though, I believe maybe only one group project and two reports all semester.

The collage below is one I made for a discussion post earlier in the semester; discussion topic was about the different shopping centers found in the LA area and how they appeal to different target markets.


Sasenka- Retail Merchandising