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Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving You The Low Down

Hello everyone!

Welcome back from break, hope you enjoyed every moment of chill time. I did. I just want to bring up some cool stuff going on that might peak your interests, and that easily gets you involved.
urban air image.jpgFundraising made viral....Join artist Stephen Glassman in his project URBAN AIR. His goal is to beautify Los Angeles roadways. His idea is to use money from the Kickstarter money raiser to fund this awesome re-appropriation of the Billboards of Los Angeles. They have so much potential to heal and clean with Stephen Glassman's sweet bamboo designs, gotta check it out.

I also recommend checking out the international student blog pages and specifically my friend Zhou Cheng's writings. He does a great job talking about resources in the U of M area and whats going on!

My good friend Constance is throwing a wonderful fundraiser for Fazenda Boa Terra urban farm in Minneapolis. I encourage all of you to attend and help out if you can...Here is the **** event information if you are interested in attending. This farm is run by just a few dedicated farmers who believe organic nutritious food should be accessible to everyone. fundraiser event map.png
They have a donation CSA program for families who cannot afford to purchase organic food. They want to continue this program but need help from people like you and me and your parents and teachers. So spread the word! Also if you are interested in organic or local food movements, politics, or just want to know more you should come by one of the BEST student food group ever...****U Students Like Good Food. This group is awesome, I go to meetings when I got the time and we have guest speakers from campus, local businesses, farms, we have potlucks we participate in Project Cook, lots of fun things!!!!

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Until Next Week,

Sarah S.