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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be My Guest!

Hello again!

I wrote about the progress of rebuilding the BDA studio in the last blog, so this blog is dedicated to our dearest friend, BS studio. B.S. stands for Bachelor of Sciences in Architecture which is the other program option beside Bachelor of Design in Architecture (B.D.A.)

I visited the senior BS studio last night to see what projects the BS students are working on. They are currently redesign the Weisman Art Museum plaza and the Washington Avenue Bridge, both located on campus. The intent of the redesign was to create a space that would bring people in and connect the space to the river. Right now, the Washington Avenue Bridge is just a bridge without any significant use. BS students want to connect the bridge to its surrounding, the river, the daylight, and create more uses for the University students. What a great idea!

Nathan S. is working on his model of a pavilion space on the bridge with the program of a space for studying and gathering with the view of the river.

(left) BS students are staying late after hours to work on their projects, (middle) wall of process works and ideas over the semester, (right) Ze C.'s work of a gallery that will be on the bridge to draw the connection to the museum exhibit

I also visited an architecture elective class which opens to all upperclassmen BDA, BS, and graduate students. The class is ARCH 4150: From Trait to Form Performance: Study of Masonry Structure. The students researched several precedent works to study stereotomy with the focus on the underlying geometry and construction of vaults. Nou H., my friend in this class said that they are creating a vault from the Municipal building in New York by Guastavino. They created several models of different vaults, then they chose a vault to build at ¼ scale you see below. I witnessed the construction and I was amazed by how strong the vault is when considering the amount of material and the thickness of material used. Simply mind-blowing.

(left) students are working on the vault, (right) constructed vault is being tested *Photo by Sara Marquardt

I hope these works get you excited about architecture program. We would love to have you as part of our family. Remember that the deadline for Fall 2013 admission is December 15th!

See you next blog,
Beau S.
Architecture B.D.A.