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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Approaching Registration

Class registrations are coming up, which means that I am about to register for my last semester of classes! Scary! But very exciting at the same time! When it comes to registering, there are a few ways of approach; each person approaches it a little differently, some plan a month or more ahead of time and others figure it out the day of. You will eventually be in this position; so, I thought I'd share my approach with you and hopefully show you some tricks that make it a lot easier and manageable.

The first thing I do, when I know that registration is coming up, is look at my APAS report; this report shows me what courses and requirements I have completed and which ones I have left to do. After analyzing my APAS, I go to the class search in OneStop and look up the specific times that my classes of interest are offered. Then, after I have made a list of possible class selections, I go on This site is really amazing and allows you to input your possible class choices; it then compiles a variety of different schedules for you to choose from. It is so helpful! You then have the option of selection the schedule that best suits you and your time. Now, once I have solidified my idea of set classes, I take note of the five-digit class number, which is displayed on the left-hand side of the class during the class search; this number is important to note because it spears you the time needed to search for particular classes during your actual time of registration.

Picture 5.png (This was the schedule I was able to construct for this semester, lets hope this coming semester's will be as open!)

Something else that I have done in the past, in preparation for registering, is talk with my academic advisor. I did this to make sure that I was on track and to double check if I had anything missing that may be vital to both my major and semester; This meeting proved to be very helpful, so I highly recommend talking with your advisor about what within your schedule, because he or she will be very helpful and get you on track!

Next week I'll let you all know what my next semester classes are looking like, but until then! Have a good week!

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