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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Look into My Classes

Today was the first day of registration for spring semester classes and might I say that I am already looking foreword to the classes I will be taking! It looks like I have a pretty nice mix; I've got quite the variety lined up for my last semester of school. I am taking four classes, equivalent to fifteen credits; three of the classes are requirements for my major and one is an elective for my minor in design. The three major related classes I am taking are Marketing Research, Computer Literacy, and International Retail Markets; the design minor elective is Color and Form in Surface Design.

In Marketing Research (RM 4217), I will be learning how to collect, analyze, and display data for marketing projects; for example, projects that involve research and statistics to find and determine the target market for a specific product.
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For International Retail Markets (MKTG 3010), I will be getting the opportunity to learn how the retail, and business world in general, functions outside the US. Discussion and lessons will take place on how and in what way social cultures, conflict between countries, and trade impact the retailing world.

Computer Literacy (PSTL 1571) is a class that I have unintentionally put off until this year and is the class, out of this list, that you will likely take within your first or second year of college. In this class you learn about using Microsoft processes, such as XL and PowerPoint, successfully.

Lastly, my design minor elective, Color and Form in Surface Design (GDES 3312), I will be doing a lot more hand on, design work in this class. I will be learning how to screen print designs on paper, fabrics, and other mediums.

All of my classes are look super interesting and fun! And it's making me get a little ahead of and has me already so excited for the coming semester!

Until Next Time!
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