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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Working Together

I have done a variety of different assignments for my classes in the Retail Merchandising Program: written projects, design work, and presentations, to name a few. Some of these projects where done in groups, which is actually what I want to discuss with you in this weeks post. Group projects are practically inevitable in Retail Merchandising; I have at least one each semester, if not more. These projects can be fun and enlightening, and sometimes frustrating too. The process and approach to group projects is different within every group, but there are definitely certain things that are handy to know and completely applicable to every group approach.

First things first, the number one priority when entering a group project is to exchange information with your group members. Being able to stay in contact with your group through e-mails, texts, and phone calls is essential. Even if you think that you can do this later and have plenty of time before your assignment due, exchange your information immediately, it is crucial and can keep you on an organized and on a timely track.

Once you have exchanged e-mails and information, I suggest taking leadership and not hesitating in sending out the first group message. If you anticipate someone else taking the lead, you may end up off on a late start and cramming the project work in at last minute.

Once in communication, discuss they ways you want to approach the project and how you want divide up the work. Everyone has something valuable to contribute, remember this. Take everyone's skills and opinions in to consideration, including your own, and divvy up the work accordingly.

Lastly, make sure to stay in continual contact with your group members, through the duration of the project. By doing this you can make sure everyone is doing their share and be able to address problems and issues immediately as they occur. Plus, this way you will also be able to help each other out and make sure you are being cohesive with your work.

(Here's a screenshot of the communication that occurs during group projects; we are using Google Docs to assemble a written group report and communicating how to effectively put it together and proofread it)

Picture 4.jpg

Until Next Time!
Sasenka- Retail Merchandising