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Thursday, October 25, 2012

When I grow up...

"What do you want to be when you grow up?", an age old question. It's something most of us have been asked since we could comprehend the question. For me, I went through lots of stages through my youth. For awhile, my response was just a shoulder shrug, then I moved into super heroes and mythical creatures, and let's not forget the plan to become President I had when I was a 4th grader. Basically, my point is that we all go through stages where we wonder and ponder what we ultimately want to do with our lives, it's tough to pick just one thing. It was around middle school that I first started to consider studying interior design. I realized how much built environments peaked my interest and how the wheels and gears would turn in my head whenever I was introduced to a new space. I flip flopped for awhile, thinking interior design, then switching fields and thinking of becoming a lawyer, an event planner, a counselor, you name it. Since then, I have obviously chosen to study interior design, but what's great about it is I still have options.

options.jpegYou see, a lot of people hear that I'm studying interior design, and they immediately follow up with "what are you going to do with a degree like that??" They have no idea just how many routes an interior design student can go post graduation. Of course, there's the most popular route of interior design student turned interior designer. This is one option that appeals to me greatly, and within that there's more options of residential, commercial, etc. Another route? Product design. This is something that's sparked a lot of thought for me and the skillset I am learning for interiors can be applied to that field as well. Even now, sometimes I think of how awesome it would be to become an event planner, and guess what? It's another option. I've learned so much about organization and communication through my time in this program.

The interior design degree (just like all of the other design degrees at the U of M) are great because they give you options. You become specialized in a specific discipline, but you also receive a very well-rounded education. They literally give you the ability to go anywhere with your degree, and the once narrow seeming career route actually opens up and arches over all of the dreams you had way back when.

Until the next one,
Ashley O.
Interior Design