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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watch Out! Midterms Spotted

I don't know about you, but my semester has been flying by super fast. Midterms have settled in for the long haul and most of us won't be settling down 'til near thanksgiving! I am officially going to Rome and Istanbul...making it hard not to consume my thoughts everyday. I am really excited to see and draw some amazing Architecture, things I studied last year in LA history 3413 with Professor Lance Neckar. And you don't just have a lecture and readings. Speaking of previous work I am currently putting together a PowerPoint slide of the better projects I have done in the last couple years. Thumbnail image for Screen shot 2012-10-16 at 9.18.16 PM.pngThe slide is for Experience Minnesota multicultural freshman recruiting event on November 10th, at 11:00am in Rapson 31! Come check it out if you're around on Saturday. I am pretty excited to do a small event like this, I need to practice public speaking and articulating my work, but I still get a little nervous to speak in front of people, something designers must do all the time! metaphor model.jpgThe class provides a demanding but interesting curriculum. We studied history with an additional sketchbook component. My final sketchbook turned out great and it has some great drawings of iconic landscapes. The image of my model is something I mentioned doing a few weeks ago. This is how my first laser cut model turned out. I wish I had had more time to complete the color...but I am really happy how it turned out. The readings for 3001 Understanding and Creating Landscape and Architecture Space helped me learn about forms and what they represent. I chose the metaphor of "life cycle." I wanted to show how high walls and heavy partitions lighten up and become easier to navigate as we learn and grown in life. The model was received as well thought out, but not 100% together...pretty much I needed to think about transitional paths and openings as well as color and what those represent.
I am really happy to be getting feedback; it is how we learn to better our aesthetics.
Hope your midterms are going smoothly, get some sleep and record all your work so you have a great reference for any project ever!!!! Words to live by.

Until next week,

Sarah S.
Landscape Planning