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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Balancing Act

Hi Friends,

Something that I have continually been learning throughout my time here in college is how to balance my time. Time-management does not come easily to me, it's a skill that consistently needs to fine-tuned and refreshed in my life. However, I was not fully aware of the importance of it, until I came to college.

Balancing school and a social life seemed rather easy in high school, but when I came to college, it was a totally different story; the schoolwork load was larger and the pressure to make new friends was pretty great as well and I wasn't really sure how to balance it. I started dedicating entire days to either being social or being studious, and this approach left me drained and exhausted. I soon realized that in order to maintain balance and health within my life, I needed to learn how to distribute my time evenly and effectively, and not solely dedicate it to my studies and social life. Learning time-management took and still takes effort, it's a discipline that teaches you how to distribute your time effectively between a variety of different tasks or events, not simply only studying and social. Time-management means making and setting specific times to study, so that you don't feel stressed later; making time for friends, so that you can laugh and enjoy yourself; allowing yourself to rest, so you can feel refreshed; and making yourself exercise, so that you can stay healthy.

Studying with friends, a fun and easy way to incorporate schoolwork into your social life :)

Learning how to manage time come in handy in when managing your lifestyle, but rather managing your school workload as well. In the Retail Merchandising program, we have a verity of different classes; some classes require us to do design projects, others require us to write essays every week, some have pop-quizzes, and others simply require studying. In order to successfully execute and do well in these classes, prioritization of tasks must be executed through time management. So to all of you who struggle with this skill, I highly encourage you to start developing and refining it now, before you bury yourself in schoolwork and stress.

Until Next Time!
Sasenka- Retail Merchandising