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Monday, October 8, 2012

Study Abroad...sealed my fate!

I am going to the go on the very first Architecture in Istanbul this Spring 2013! I am so happy that the U is giving us the opportunity to go on a trip to Rome and Turkey where so much of the study of Architecture stems from.
Things are crazy busy as usual with the Advanced Representations 2301 class...were staring to work with water colors and site evaluations. I do believe they will mellow out a bit when I figure things out with my job. I am feeling pressed for time with my weekends being taken by work. After having so much free time this summer I am finally settling in with the fact that school is kick my butt. I do not want to jeopardize my school performance for working at the Lowry, although it is fun and a great way to meet fun people from the city.
lilly plaza site .jpg
This week we had a presentation David Lilly Plaza (image 1) for 3001 with Brad Agee and Tony Chevalier. In groups (yikes ANOTHER group project!) we synthesized the performance of the site by lighting, circulation, materials, design and overall usefulness of the site. I did my diagrams with Adobe Illustrator. The entire design suite creative packages are available in full content in the Rapson Hall Computer Labs and are amazing resources! Of course if you don't have the programs save them as pdf's so you can open it on your personal computer with preview, adobe reader or photo editor, all of which are free to download. unitednoodle wall hanging.JPG
united noodle display.jpg What else do I have but a huge project getting underway with ARCH 3711w...We get to go to the Midtown Global Market, a personal favorite MPLS spot, and the United Noodle Asian grocery/supply stores. These two places are being evaluated for their spatial organization, depth and interest. This class has been really interesting in delving into personal, personalized, territoriality, public vs. private, and intimate spaces. My favorite reading is the "Meaning in the Built Environment" by Amos Rapoport. He is a great Architect who has written a lot on housing, design theory and culture. It is fitting that my group and I are having a hard time wrapping our head around this one! Luckily Prof. Julia W. Robinson is a super expert on the spatial organization of built environments in our society. She has even published her research. So enjoy the reading, keep yourself motivated, calm, and aware until next week when you come back for more!
Be good and stay warm!

Sarah S.
Landscape Design and Planning