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Monday, October 29, 2012

Staying Safe When You're Staying Out Late

As project season approaches, I feel like I've got a million things to do. I mean, yeah it's a lot to think about sometimes, but I also know its manageable with proper time management and good organization habits.

41813_122168997820897_7204_n.jpegRight now I've got a group assignment, an individual assignment, and an individual project in my studio class. Personally, along with practicing smart time management strategies, I also need to be in the right locations to take care of business. One of the places I really like working is the studio after hours. I enjoy being there with minimal distractions and plowing through my to do lists. I also enjoy going to the library or coffee shops in the Dinkytown and Stadium Village areas when I need to do a lot of reading or if I'm writing a paper. Sometimes I'm hard at work for hours and hours and suddenly it's nightfall. I know sometimes I get uneasy about walking home after dark, but luckily the U has a lot or great safety programs to make sure it keeps its occupants safe. goldy_white.gifThere's a 24/7 campus escort service (624-WALK) that's free and available across campus. They meet you wherever you are and walk you to the destination you specify. There's also the Gopher Chauffeur program where you can get picked up an dropped off where you need to go on the weekends.

It's really awesome that programs like this exist because I never have to worry and I know I always have a safe way of getting home. So much for that excuse when you're trying to procrastinate you homework, right? ;)

Til the next,
Ashley O.
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