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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sewing and models and fittings, oh my!

This is it, readers, the first big step of my senior line: test garment presentations! Half of our class presented their lines on Monday and I am scheduled to start out the day on Wednesday. These presentations are for our classmates, mentors and professors to see our progress and give feedback on how to proceed to the final garments. Another big part of test garments and presentations, is how the garments themselves fit and work on the models. Having multiple fittings is important to make sure that the final garments fit and flatter the body well in the end and on the runway.

During the fittings I have my models try on the test garments inside out, so the seams are on the outside. That way I can pin the seams in, or seam rip them to let them out to properly fit them on the body. I also can mark where style lines will go, or change necklines and arm holes. I then can go forward, and if necessary, create another test garment with the changes. If there are a lot of changes, or if the fit is very off on the first test garment, then a second test garment can really help. If you work really hard during the initial fitting process, creating the final garments is easier.

Here is a picture of one of my garments during the fitting process, on a mannequin. As you can see, the back is pinned and marked.


Lucie, Apparel Design