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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Senior Line Reality Part II

Hello all! As you know, my senior line design process has been in full swing and this past weekend I made a lot of progress! The next step in the design process, after ideation and illustration of designs, is to create patterns and test garments. This past week and weekend I was able to pattern all four of my designs, and started on my test garments. Test garments are basically the final garments, but sewn really basically in a very cheap cotton fabric called muslin. These garments are used for fitting and to make sure everything will work out well when you start sewing in the actual fabric. Muslin is also a very inexpensive fabric so if you do make mistakes or have issues with redoing patterns/fittings, you don't waste valuable fashion fabrics.

When your test garments are done, the next step is model fittings to make the end result garments will fit well. I am having my models come in this week and weekend to fit my test garments, or muslins as they are also called. Wish me luck!!

A big part of the test garment process, other than fittings, is to make design changes and solve problems that you may come across in the sewing and fitting process. This weeds out poor design choices that may cause big problems later down the line.

Here is a shot of my finished three test garments, ready for fittings!


Lucie, Apparel Design