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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Picking a Side

So did you guys know that there are two different tracks you can take in Retail Merchandising? There is the apparel track and there is the general track. Both tracks offer classes that develop creative and analytical skills for use in the field of merchandising, whether that be somewhere in the management, corporate, or some other aspect of retail.

I am in the apparel emphasis track; through this track I am able to take more classes focusing on the fashion aspect of retail. These classes are ones like Textile Analysis, where you learn about different fabric fibers, and Fashion, Trends, and Forecasting, where you learn about trends and how to spot them. Students that choose the apparel side usually, but not always, have an interest in fashion and want to work for clothing retailers.

The general track takes much of the same classes as the apparel track. However, there some differences; where the apparel emphasis focuses most on softline products, such as clothing, the general dedicates itself to exposing students to a variety of different areas of merchandising such as hardlines and food. The different courses often taken through this track include classes such as Food and Agricultural Sales and Consumer Society.

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Softline products Vs. Hardline products

The track you choose really depends on your interest and what you want to focus one. If you really like fashion, then the apparel emphasis is for you; however, if you would like a more broad scope of merchandising, than you should go for the general. And if you are unsure at the moment, do not worry, both sides are good and provide students with great knowledge, insight, and skills into the world of merchandising; and it's also fairly easy to transition from one to the other should you change your mind.

Until Next Time!